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How long should I run my pool?

To Our Valued Customers The summer is gone and fall will soon be upon us. But this is no reason to forget about the green pool. Algae, It has and always will be a factor for pools in Florida. The main difference between a swimming pool and a natural body of water is the circulation…
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Salt Water Pool System

Salt chlorine generator systems sanitize swimming pools by converting salt into chlorine, which kills pathogens and bacteria before returning to its former state, salt. The system converts salt to chlorine by passing the dissolved salt in the pool water through a small chamber (salt chlorinator cell) installed along the swimming pool’s water circulation system. These cells…
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Ozone Pool Systems

Ozone swimming pool technology sanitizes pool water by utilizing the natural sterilizing action that is produced when oxygen molecules are broken apart to produce ozone. The ozone is then forced into the swimming pool water, where it oxidizes any contaminates, before returning to its natural state, oxygen. Ozone (O3) is basically oxygen (O2), with an extra…
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