How long should I run my pool?

To Our Valued Customers

The summer is gone and fall will soon be upon us. But this is no reason to forget about the green pool.

Algae, It has and always will be a factor for pools in Florida. The main difference between a swimming pool and a natural body of water is the circulation system. Without the movement of water, undesirable growth of algae and pathogens can occur rapidly. The most important items to keep your pool free of algae are circulation flow, proper filtration and constant sufficient levels of disinfection. We battle algae all summer long. It’s very hard to control if the above items are not maintained. It’s even harder to fight the battle if we do not have your support in one of the most important items above. Running your pool. We request that you run your pool a minimum of 8 hours. 8 hours is recommended because a minimum rate of 6 hours is in a perfect system, which means perfect filtration and flow. And most equipment in the field is NOT.

What happens when your systems is not running to the desired levels. We have to overcompensate using chemicals which in turn degrades your equipment and the walls of your pool, while making it a undesirable place to swim.

So please keep your pool running. 8 HOURS……

Thank you,

Bayside Pool Service

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